Cashflow Solutions for Business with Cloudfloat

Frequently asked questions

Who is Cloudfloat and what do you do?

Cloudfloat is a technology company focused on providing innovative and honest finance solutions for small to medium-sized businesses. We’re here to help Australian businesses grow.

We offer all businesses payment terms for their invoices, whether their supplier(s) offer terms or not. You can smooth out your cash flow and get the payment terms your business needs.

How does it work?

Businesses create an account with Cloudfloat at Then you can pay any outstanding invoice by uploading a copy of the invoice. We pay the supplier the whole amount up front and you repay us over the agreed instalment period.

What do I need to create a Cloudfloat account?

Do I need to be Australian to use Cloudfloat?

The business must be an Australian business, registered on the Australian Business Register with an active ABN. The person applying for an account on behalf of the business needs to have Australian government-issued photo ID (typically a driver’s license), but does not need to be an Australian citizen.

Do I need to have an Australian licence to open my account?

The person applying for an account, who needs to be the director, needs to have Australian government-issued driver’s licence

Can I use my passport for verification?

Currently we can only accept a valid Australian Drivers Licence. Passport verification will be available later in the year

Why was my account declined?

To create an account, your business must:

There are some industries that Cloudfloat does not deal with, and our obligations under Australia’s AML/CTF laws may also result in your account being declined.

Please reach out to our team at or call us on 1300 615 718 if you think you have been incorrectly declined.

Are there any interest or fees?

Cloudfloat doesn’t charge interest on outstanding amounts, there’s no application fee, or any account keeping fee.

Instead, we have a single, one-time payment processing fee for each invoice payment, which is split among the instalment payments. The fee is itemised before you agree to each transaction.

There are no other ongoing fees, if the instalment payments are made on time every time.
We strive to always be more transparent and fairer than any other form of pay later arrangements that are available.

Are there any late payment fees?

Cloudfloat charges a late payment fee only if you miss a scheduled payment. Generally speaking, we will attempt to recover payment without charging late payment fees but will do so as a last resort.

The fee is itemised before you agree to each transaction. We encourage you to pay on time, as late payments may mean you will have reduced or no access to our service while you are in arrears.

How long does a typical payment take to process?

We typically process requests the same day, and the supplier receives their payment either same day or next day. (Business Days)

What is my initial limit?

This varies from customer to customer and really depends on your normal turnover. Our smaller businesses typically get a limit around $500-$1,000 when they first open their account. If you link your accounting software, it can increase to $1,500+*.

Larger businesses get a higher limit.

Is there a minimum/maximum amount you handle?

Cloudfloat has no minimum or maximum amount for invoices.

What are my repayment options?

You choose which repayment option best suits you for each invoice: 30 days, 60 days, or 90 days. Repayments are scheduled each fortnight from the start date.

Are there any expenses you don’t cover?

Yes. We don’t cover non-business transactions, of course. But there are also some business expenses we don’t cover:

Can I upload multiple invoices at a time?

Not at the moment, but we are working on adding this feature. Until then, they will need to be uploaded one at a time.

Can I consolidate my invoices into one PDF?

No. They need to be uploaded separately and processed one at a time.

Can I upload a statement?

No. We need the invoice itself as a PDF.

How do I see my transaction history?

Each Cloudfloat account has its own dashboard where you can see all your transaction history, and do common tasks, like uploading your invoices for payment.

Can I pay my outstanding balance early and/or in full?

Yes. You can pay any of your instalments at any time. Please reach out to our team at or call us on 1300 615 718 and have your account details on hand.

How do I change the account I make payments from?

To change your payment details please reach out to or call us on 1300 615 718.