Select the amount. See your cashflow friendly instalments.

* Above pricing based on supplier providing interest free terms. In some cases payment surcharge fees may apply.

30 days
60 days
90 days
Invoice Amount: $2000
5 fortnightly instalments of: $480.00

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How Does The Process Work?

Cloudfloat does not charge interest rates, application fees or monthly fees. Pay for what you use when you need it.​

Request a payment

Provide the invoice details you want to pay

We pay now

We pay your supplier, when you want

You pay later

Pay it back over fortnightly instalments

How much does Cloudfloat cost to use?

Cloudfloat does not charge interest or application fees and it’s designed to be flexible, transparent and easy to understand. You can select 30, 60 or 90 days to pay and there is a different fixed fee for each time period.

Cloudfloat works for business who are paying suppliers or for businesses that want to help their customers by giving them flexible payment terms (while still being paid upfront on the day the invoice is due).

Whether you’re receiving money or paying money and no matter how large or small your invoices are, Cloudfloat is all about helping you unlock your cashflow.

Join the Cloudfloat Community and help us permanently change the way business invoicing works

If you pay invoices to your suppliers, Cloudfloat can help you.

It’s as easy as registering for free & then selecting the timeframe that works for you to pay invoices – 30, 60 or 90 days. That’s why we call Cloudfloat: buy now, pay later for B2B invoices.

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