Cashflow Solutions for Business with Cloudfloat

Why Cloudfloat?

As Business owners, we've all been there, the business is growing quickly, you need more stock and you don't have the cashflow to cover it. You don't want to use all your working capital and your supplier is not giving you the payment terms your business needs. Gone are the days of 60 or 90 days payment terms

In these situations there is very few options available. You could take out a business loan, but that solves the problem just once and then you need to keep re-applying and by then the opportunity has changed. You could get a credit card or an overdraft, but then you need to work out if the credit limits are enough, what happens if your suppliers doesn't accept plastic?

Buy and pay based on your business cashflow

Unlike a Business Loan, Bank Overdrafts or Credit Cards, Cloudfloat allows you to truly free up your cash flow and increase your working capital. Cloudfloat provides all businesses access to it's very own digital float with the technology to extend your payment credit terms on any Business expense up to 90 days. Cloudfloat offers interest free instalment repayment plans ranging from 30 to 90 days. You can tailor the instalments to best suit your business’s cash flow – putting you in control of your supply chain and cash flow.

Treat Cloudfloat like paying in cash and because Cloudfloat pays your supplier straight away resulting in your suppliers being paid early or on-time, this increases your leverage to negotiate discounts and price reductions with your suppliers

De-stress your cashflow, grow your business and breathe easy knowing you don't have to rely on your bank

  • Use Cloudfloat as your businesses primary cashflow float,
  • bridge the cashflow gap between paying your suppliers and waiting to be paid by your customers,
  • negotiate early payment or volume discounts for paying upfront,
  • rest assured your digital float is always on, ready to go - so you don't have to re-apply,
  • give the stress of collecting from customers the boot

We take the hard work out of balancing your float with the first credit on demand platform.

  • Easy: With Cloudfloat, create your account online now and be up and going in 60 seconds.
  • Simple: Generally you can start paying invoices or requesting payments in under 24 hours from the account being activated.
  • Honest: No application fees. No hidden interest rates. In some cases, if your supplier is with Cloudfloat, the one time payment processing fee may not apply

What you need to have when creating an account?

  • Have an active ABN for your business
  • Be registered for GST when requesting payments from Customer
  • A valid Australian Drivers license to verify your identity

With Cloudfloat, you can take control of your cashflow. Because your business matters.