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The hassle free way to increase your buying power

Buy now, pay Later designed and created exclusively for small business to unlock working capital, smooth cashflow and secure needed payment terms

Your digital float, freeing you to invest and grow your business

Many suppliers don't provide the payment terms your business needs causing significant cashflow pain. Access an unlimited float so you can now buy with the confidence that you can pay it back with cashflow friendly installments.

Protect your reputation

We make sure your suppliers are paid on time, every time.

Honest and transparent

With no hidden fees, you'll know upfront exactly what you’ll pay.

Incredibly quick and simple

Take control of your cashflow and pay suppliers over time.

How it works

Cloudfloat does not charge interest or application fees. With some transactions, Cloudfloat charges no fees at all

Give us your invoice

Provide the invoice you want to pay.

We pay your supplier

We pay your supplier on your schedule.

Pay Now or Pay Later

Pay in full or with fortnightly installments.

Automate, optimise and smooth out your payables

Paying the invoices from your supplier got even simpler and faster!

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